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How we do our job

Vesaratech is here to help provide an actionable proposal for your company’s growth. Based on the discussion on business plan, we set a series of actionable targets . These include establishing a website and hosting it online; creating social media accounts in order make announcements through them as well as update our followers. At this point we get to work on your website, promotional material and other management tools as required. Our websites are built on a wordpress platform because its easier for you to manage and deploy changes to your website without having to code. Product is ready for prime time, and now it’s finally time to spread the word about what you’re offering. Launch requires a lot of energy, focus, and attention on all parts – marketing, sales… even support . At the end of it all, you’ll have a new piece of business through your door.

—our services

The only delay is in your thought

VesaraTech is the convergence point of doyens from diversified sectors working to ease the job of entrepreneurs. It takes care of every other thing that a business takes to have an outright bullish graph of growth. From registering your business to annual filings and from marking web presence to remarkable social media presence, whether your business need a software based inventory management or app based supply chain management; our team is always ready there with a solution.

Web Presence

Thriving In This One Click World Without Having A Presence On Virtual World Is Too Difficult For Humans Now A Days, And It Is Next To Impossible For A Business To Grow Without Such Presence.

Accounting and Taxation

Financials And Balance Sheet Are The Most Efficacious Vehicle That Solely Drives Most Businesses Out There. And A Thing Of Such Paramountcy Requires To Be Dealt By Team Of Experts.

Digital Marketing Services

Creating a social media presence for your business is one of the main goals in digital marketing. Our service packages ensure that your business is active and well-represented on all major networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Legal Asistantance

Almost Each And Every Activity Of Humans Have Tendency To Attract Legal Consequences. And In Case Of Company Or Profession Not A Single Step Can Be Taken Without A Propensity Of Onslaught Of Law And Rules.


Choose Service Plan You Want

Vesaratech is a technology company that specializes in your needs for digital transformation. 

Why go at it alone when our team can help you meet the demands of innovating quickly?